February 6, 2006


I've got news from the whole weekend but the most amazing part of it is the MICK JAGGER was the half-time show for the Super Bowl AND I RECOGNIZED HIM. Now, most everyone else in the world probably knew who was playing before yesterday. BUT NOT ME!! I couldn't believe my eyes. Ya know, Mick Jagger is almost 63! I read today that one commentator said he "dances funny, like he is waving flares for an airplane pilot" - I wonder how that person will dance when he is that old - most of us couldn't expend that much energy in that short of time and live to tell about it - and I for one am not that old yet!! So now that I've got my awesome news nugget off of my chest:

We actually had a time without children!!! One of the other FP's here who only does respite actually offered to take all 5! We talked on Thursday evening and she actually offered to take them all on Friday! I couldn't say OK fast enough!! I really love what we do and I enjoy every hair on their heads but same as with "real parent's" ; sometimes I (I don't know about Keith, he'll have to speak for himself) just need some me time. I feel better, my nerves are better, my store of patience is refilled.
We really didn't do much, we went to the Legion for dinner Friday night, stopped in at the new Sloanes on the way home. Saturday morning I got out and walked! All around the park. It was a long walk for me - who doesn't walk any further than 2 year old legs want to go. I sure miss a lot when I just drive thru. I didn't realize how DIRTY our park has gotten over the winter. Then we went to Mrs. B's for breakfast, visited friends, stopped at Lowe's and shopped (leisurely) for a ceiling fan. We actually got the fan installed in the morning room - laughing about how much fun the twins would have will all the pieces that were strung around. We then went to a training at Church that Keith has been attending and came home and I slept until 10 AM and we went to Church again and we went to pick up the kids. They were happy to see us and I think they missed us!!

So today is back to the normal - I poured myself a bowl of cereal at 8:00, started typing this about the same time and it is now 10:49 and I'm still at it. I didn't get nearly as much as I wanted done while they were gone, but enough that I'm refueled now.

How was your weekend?

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