February 1, 2006

Morning Schedules

I'm going to do this too. Just because I want to. S'te's was rather funny - if you look at it with humor- but not as funny as the other two she mentioned in her blog. I love reading Chris (The Big Yellow House) and Carmen (Mom to the Screaming Masses) as well as S'te's Blog because they are all doing the same madness over and over again - just like we do. The only thing I didn't hear from any of them is the "Daddy" part in all of this. I am "lucky" enough to have a hubby that is retired. So he is home for most of every day. He is a great help a lot of the time. He also makes it so I have a hard time figuring out what has happened with each day. I never know when the last time a baby ate - or how much- what the twins were into - what they had - or even if they had. I never know what I'm going to fix for a meal - 'cause I don't know what he bought at the grocery. Just petty fun little things that I hope you can laugh with me on.
So here it goes.
I'm not exactly sure what they mean by morning routine. Is it just whatever happens after midnight? OK - I'll run with that one.
1 am - Baby 1 (dob 12/29) wakes for his midnight snack. He actually sleeps for 3 hours at a time so I've slept for 2 hours at this point. He feeds for about 30 minutes and downs about 4 oz.
3 am - Baby 2 (dob 11/3) wakes for his mid-morning feeding. We actually take turns on this one. Whoever wakes up first gets dibs. He has been asleep since about 9:30 so he isn't doing badly for hours. I'd wake him before I went to bed - but then I wouldn't make it until midnight. He feeds for almost an hour and downs between 4 and 6 oz once I get the bottle in the exact position that he can suck on it. Sometimes it takes 5 to 10 minutes for that to happen. Once his initial hunger is over - he loses interest in "all that hard work" and I have to coax him to eat more so he will sleep a little longer!! Papa just puts him back to bed after his 2 or so oz. (Which means he does not sleep long)
4 - 4:30 - Papa usually gets this one. It's Baby 1 back for more. He feeds him and puts him on his (Papa's) belly while they are reclined. They sleep this way until . . . either I get up and move him or
5-6 am - Baby 2 back for more. And whoever gets this one is the one that gets the
6:30 - twins (turned 2 on 1/8) are up and at 'em. We don't have to make any rounds to get anyone out of bed - I wish!!!
Usually around 7 - One of us turns the TV on to PBS and let the early birds watch until our Diva gets up and announces Good Morning. Then they all 3 go into the playroom and watch their TV until baby's 1 and/or 2 (by this time they might both be awake) are changed and given another whatever they are eating.
7:15 Kids Breakfast - usually cereal with choice of yogurt or milk, fruit juice, and whatever else they can scam from us. I check my e-mail and blogs.
7:30 Bath time and clothes - The twins first and then Diva since I have to be able to dry her hair right after (or she JUST CAN"T HANDLE IT!!). We then diaper and dress. Remind Diva to use potty. By now Baby 2 is looking around some. The twins and Diva are fighting over whatever they have. I mediate and find something different for "today's toy" in one of the closets. Sometimes legos, sometimes dress up, sometimes the cars and trucks, etc. all depending on how much stress I want when it is time to pick it back up!! This "new" toy usually occupies them for an hour or so. I check my e-mail and blogs
8 am - Baby 1 is awake - depending on what the twins are tearing up I can maybe bathe and dress him for the day before I feed him. Papa is on the computer doing his emails - or putting dishes in the top rack of the dishwasher (It's the only one he uses) - or putting the clothes from the dryer on the couch for me to fold - or putting garbage out, etc. that kind of stuff. If I get vocal, Papa will usually sit still to feed for a couple of ounces. I finish up the feed (force feed another couple of ounces when possible) so that he will sleep for a little longer. Wash my face and hands, fix myself a cup of coffee/tea, and maybe some breakfast - which I share 3 more ways. They have radar for food - no matter what or how much they just ate!!!!
9 am - Baby 2 is back awake. Maybe I can bathe him and repeat the prior posting.
10 am - Snack time - oranges, apples, banana, whatever fruit I have handy will be passed out. Meanwhile Papa has completed another load of laundry and deposited it on the couch. Here is where the routine gets diverse. Sundays and Tuesdays we have 11 am engagements. So on these days, I look for shoes, socks, diaper bags, cups etc. All the stuff we need to go somewhere. Then I hop into the shower, get dressed, smear lipstick, try and blow dry the front of my hair, and come out to a chorus of "where you going?" - as if it would change......
11 am - no matter where we are or what we are doing - Baby's 1 and 2 are ready to eat. They get together about this time and again in the evening and gang up on us!! Papa usually leave to meet with friends right after this time and then stops at the grocery on the way back home for whatever my "list" was, diapers, and whatever looks good to him. He usually gets back home around 2:30 or 3.
Noon - Lunch (leftovers or PBJ's) for kids and then NAPS.
From 1 - 2 is my daily SOAP. Most of the time the kids (all 5) are napping or at least quiet. I spend this time folding clothes, folding and putting away laundry, web surfing, checking e-mail, returning phone calls, ordering stuff from e-bay (etc).
And since all my kids are little the afternoon just repeats the morning with a few minor variations!!!
So.... How'd I do? Not as exciting as your descriptions, but busy enough for me!!

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Carmen said...

Wow. That's an impressive day. I'm so glad that your husband helps you!