February 16, 2006

New Board Member

We have a new Board Member in the family. In addition to being Papa to 5 children under the age of 4, Papa is now an esteemed member of the Board of Directors for the Association where we live. I don't know where he will find all the time he will need, but I'm sure he will do a good job. Congratulations Papa!!

The other large family blogs this week are on chores. Well, I can't really contribute to that one as we have all very young children, so I have all the "chores". Of course the twins (they just turned 2) love to "hope" when I'm doing anything with the babies. Their jobs are to put dirty clothes in the jump and the diapers in the barg. Sis has to put the books and toys away in the playroom before bed. Now, if you have toddlers, you understood that completely. YeeYee and Gicky are probably just a little behind in language skills after being shifted around and in the shelter for as long as they were!! I think they are doing great.

Bedtime around here is VERY mundane. After dinner, we brush teeth and get jammies on. The boys and Sis are used to this routine so we definately don't have any problem with that. Then while feeding night bottles to babies, we put the twins back to bed another dozen or so times and Sis decided she needs to potty about a dozen times and between thier bedtimes at 7:30 and 9 or so, they all go to sleep. I've tried letting them stay up later - but it takes just as long for them to settle down and go to sleep - and they are crankier than ever the next day. The babies are usually down for the count by about 9 and WALAAAA - they have slept all night for the last 2 nights!!

YeeYee was a little ill yesterday, he managed to toss pizza (from the night before), his breakfast, his pedialite, and his crackers all over both Papa and I several times - he is such a sharing child :) but today seems just fine. So bless the Lord for that!! And no one else seems to have come up (or down) with whatever it is.

It's bedtime now, hope to read news of others soon.


Anonymous said...

Like the new look. I'm always late on posting things. Evetually I get it doen though!

Brandi said...

you are to funny...xanga is very much the same as this...a little bit different...