February 9, 2006

He Tried!!

It is now 9:23 AM. This is the morning that my wonderful husband has "let me sleep in" for my birthday!! Of course, he forgot about hte baby monitor on the nightstand when he got started this morning :) I woke to the mobile music from one crib (and baby grunting), the other kicking the chimes in his, one twin calling Papa (because he pooped), the other laying in bed crying (no one knows why), and Sis wanting her "dress". Keith was very busy trying to fix cereal for them. He had closed our door and shhh'd everyone several times. I laid there for a few minutes before I decided that he'd had enough torture!! By then he had the older kids to the table and both babies were having fits. One cries and the other is sympathetic :(

I grabbed a baby and stuck a bottle in his mouth - that wasn't what he wanted. So I started to change him (yuk). Of course as soon as I picked him up he stopped crying so the other stopped and started kicking his chimes again - content. Well to make a long story short - we have 4 in diapers and one in a pull-up. I had to give 4 baths before I could put clean diapers, clothes, and panties on. The chime baby just needed his poopy diaper changed. I didn't have to do a COMPLETE wash job on him!! So now, we have had 4 baths, 5 clothing changes, 2 bottles, 3 breakfasts, and now I have 2 sleeping babies, twins that want "outside", and have heated a cup of old coffee. Keith has gone off to his 9 am doctor appointment but he did leave a wonderful card on my laptop!! Bless him - and his Mom for raising him to be so kindhearted!!

I tried to do some work on our taxes yesterday, the twins absolutely hate it when I'm on the computer. If nothing else it's mama, mama, mama. There was something to do with feet - I only know that because both of them came over and stuck one foot at a time in my lap and wanted me to look. I never did find anything and SIS wanted to know what I was looking for - every time. She takes very good care of the boys!! Totally to distraction LOL

When Keith gets home I am going to have a LONG, HOT shower, eat a leisurely breakfast and then get dressed in my - I don't know yet - we'll have to see what my dream comes up with - but for now a baby is crying again.

Check back with ya'll later.

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Happy Birthday dear Mom! Happy Birthday to you!!!