August 4, 2005

Working Together

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We've been here for a week now. It has been a very, very busy week. Mom Beatty had a whole list of "Honey-do's" saved up for her son! There even has been a few things that she hadn't mentioned. So in the week of visiting we've ordered a door so she can access her patio without going all the way around the house, got some new carpeting for the family room in the works, power washed the outside, painted the concrete block foundation and steps, fixed the toilet and tub, rehung a closet door, contracted to get the grape vine hedge taken down, replaced a clothesline, and done other miscellaneous things around when we weren't busy. I got to do some flower gardening - which I love to do. Monday will be a busy day for her as the carpet people and the door people will be here to measure. We've had a great time catching up and listening to all the stories she has to tell. Dolores and Kenny came up both Sunday and Tuesday to visit. On Tuesday they brought grass seed and straw so Keith, Heather, Dolores, and Kenny spent the evening sowing seed and straw before we all went to the Mexican Restaurant for dinner. I think Keith was having withdrawals or something. We went for dinner that night, lunch yesterday, and lunch today. He should be getting filled up with Mexican for a few days. Dolores told us of an Amish Community between here and Missouri, so we plan to go that way when we leave. It might take a few extra hours, but I'm sure it will be worth it to see.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are having fun, enjoying family and getting a lot of things accomplished!