October 30, 2005


We got home!! Just before we left Georgia I noticed a drip coming from the A/C vent in the ceiling. I'm almost sure that the A/C is a closed unit so it will have to be replaced. I bought some sealant for the rubber roof and crawled up there in case it was something else. It wasn't. So Keith is going to try and talk to the dealer that we bought the RV from to see what excuse they have for all the trouble we had - after they thouroughly inspected the entire home. He even took it back once because he didn't like the way the brakes felt. And it was there for several days getting a steering "something" installed. So if he doesn't get any satisfaction from them, we will go to the dealer in Ft. Pierce and have him do the little adjustments (one speaker doesn't work, one mirror keeps vibrating out) and of course, the A/C. Then we will winterize - maybe - or maybe we will just use it thru the winter. It stays very nice here until May or so!! I must say, after the stay at the mechanics in San Diego, we didn't have any more trouble with it! Got clear home from there without any unscheduled stops!!! HOORAY!!

The weather was wonderful for our drive, not like it was the day before when Wilma came thru. Vero "only" got the edge of her but there was still quite a bit of damage. There was no power from Sunday evening until about 5 PM on Tuesday. We came off of I95 and when we were the second vehicle from the stoplight - it came on!! Talk about confusion! People didn't know whether to honor the 4 way stop signs or the traffic lights that suddenly started working!! We had power here (our home) by the time we got inside but didn't get power to the little house in the "A" section until yesterday.

Today my industrious daughter and her husband are working on the condo that "Tornado Robin" finally left. Tomorrow there will be more workmen and on Tuesday the new appliances (to replace the ruined ones) will be delivered. The kitchen faucet and garbage disposal were even ruined - and they were new!! There has been more damage to it than was done to either home in Florida thru 3 hurricanes - and she didn't pay any rent for several months either!! go figure>>> And people wonder why it is so hard to find nice rentals!!

There have been few changes made here at the Village since we left except for a few more new homes. The damaged ones from Francis and Jeanne last year are slowly being either removed or the owners are being dragged along to get them repaired. Several of the "snowbirds" have made their way back and some have decided to sell and winter elsewhere. It is a hard decision to make - everywhere has it's own "quirks". I do my fair share of complaining about the heat and humidity in the summer, but I've been watching Pakistan and I've got heaven right here. A roof over my head, A/C in the summer, heat in the winter. Even the tragedy of New Orleans doesn't hold a candle to those poor people trying to winter in a TENT. So we all should count our blessings, whatever ones we do have, and quit complaining about our minor discomforts!! At least this has become my opinion of the moment!!

Since returning we have increased our family, for awhile, it is only 3 more. We now are the proud caregivers of 18 month old twin boys and their 3 year old sister. They are quite the bunch. So I believe that I will close this blog for the time being and begin a new one. I haven't decided just what to call it as yet, but my lovely and hardworking daughter will think of something for me.

thanks so much for the comments that I've received and for all the feedback on how I should have done this. I know I mixed family with the actual RV news, but family is my life - the RV was a way to be able to spend more time with them - and see the wonderful country that God created for us to enjoy.

I will post again to let you know what I will be "blogging" next, so be sure to check back.

Thanks all,

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