December 5, 2005

St. Augustine, FL

Well friends, we got ourselves packed up and picked up. We are in the RV with all 3 kids. They are having a wonderful time. They are behind me in the table/bed and watching TV in thier jamies and think they are getting away with a big coup. I guess they don't know that I know what they are doing!!

We got early (really about the same as always!) and didn't get gone from home until noon or so. By the time I emptied the house (except of course, my camera) and put everything in here (including the tricycles in the van) and we (Keith) got the van on the dolly, it was later than I'd planned. Then we decided to go ahead and feed them lunch so they would take their naps while we were driving. Which they did. They woke up just as we were coming off of I95 so there was only about 20 more mile to go. Needless to say, these kids are not easy riders. They want OUT! I'm thinking of installing carseats at home. That way I could take a whole shower without one of them emptying something or another while I wasn't watching. We got here about 4 and got set up. I was rather upset. Keith asked which campground I wanted to stay at, I said whichever is the furthest from the water! Well, we didn't stay at the beach (which we could have) but we are right on the LAKE, with lots of ducks, and no beach to it. Straight drop-off to the water. They have sites over by the playground - when we pulled in I told Keith "I want one of those" - away from the lake and next to the fenced play area - nothing doing - they are blacktopping those areas tomorrow and Wednesday. Sure wish they'd told Keith that when he called and made the reservation. We not only have the lake - but asphalt smell for 2 days on top of it. I would've gladly stayed at the beach if I'd known that!

Well now that I've had my vent session, hope all is well out there and I'm sure we will have a good time once I convince the kids that the water is not where they are going!!

Have a good one!!,

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