December 24, 2005

April's Visit

April and kids arrived on Monday (19th) and Keith happily met them at the airport in Orlando. The kids here were so excited that they were having company they just didn't know what to do with themselves :) Not long after the "arrival" Elizabeth insisted it wasn't to cold to go to the swimming pool - so swim she did. It was chilly to us - definately not swimming weather- but it was 16 when they left St. Louis so she was ready. They had a busy few days going to the beach and doing some shopping and everyone was ready for bed early at night. April was so tired that she didn't sit up after the kids went to bed - she was out like a light too. I tried to split the "playroom" into two seperate spaces so that they could have some privacy - it didn't work really well - but the thoughts and intentions were good. April fixed us Keith's favorite tacos one night - and I don't think we had any leftovers at all. We all loved them. I fixed Spaghetti once and Brennan was so tired that he didn't even stay awake for dinner - slept all the way thru' it :)

On Thursday we headed for Orlando!! in the "bus"!! Had a good trip, made real good time. April fixed lunch while Keith and I hooked up at the RV Park and then we headed out to Disney's Magic Kingdom! April had joked that we wouldn't get there until 4 pm and we made it by 1 - so we were 3 hours early.

April, Elizabeth, and Brennan went on to the rides while we stayed behind to watch the parade. It was wonderful and the boys loved all the cartoon characters. AND most especially SANTA, HIS ELVES, and even the REINDEER! After the parade we caught up with April and went on a couple of rides. The boys aren't good at lines (which are long and tiresome) so we stayed with the short ones. We rode on Small World - which is one of my favorites - even at Disneyland it was a favorite. It brings back the memories of long ago when I took Jeremy thru. He was more excited that the twins - but they to were in awe. The Carousel was also a must and we did the 3D movie before they were hungry. We fed our kids while April and grandbabies went on another ride -then they ate some and it was time to call it a night.

April chose to rent a room rather that to try and stay with us in the RV - so Keith dropped us off - then took then to their motel. We parted ways for Friday - all going back to Magic Kingdom but to different parts. We tried the line thing again with the boys and it was a total nightmare - so we went back to characters, stories, and magic music. All in all, I think (I'm pretty sure) the kids enjoyed their trip to the "Happiest Place on Earth"!!

Love and happiness to all,

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had great, tiring time!! I think that the kids enjoyed it. Hey, maybe you should take them everyday to wear them out! Just kidding!!