December 27, 2005

The Christmas Stacks

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It's Christmas Eve and we've gone to Church for the Candlelight service. The kids were not at all impressed and did not want to sit/stand/mind at all, nor were they inclined to be quiet, peaceful or anything close to what I would call nice. Pastor said to stay, not let them win - so we did - we've left before and the kids "won". It wore us both out but we didn't give in to them - so we stayed - I've apologed to the entire congretation for the service - I will be for years everafter!!! Now we are home, kids are in bed, all the gifts are wrapped - what do you do with them when you are a Monkish organizer? Why, you put them into individual piles so the kids can just sit in the middle of them and rip!!! That's what Papa did - and friends & family can see on Flickr "the rest of the story". I really tried to see exactly which gift was from who - but it got kind of tough. Nick got thru his stack and "helped" Willy get thru his. This is Papa and I after the ripping and tearing was done. Sierra is in her "Cinderella Dress" which will rot on her little body if she has her choice!! She loves it. The boys were impressed with the boxes and twist ties that held their trucks in but they also got their fair share of puzzles and books. Even a Children's Bible was in the mix :) Life is good for all of us.

Our Christmas was complete with a trip back to Church to celebrate Jesus' Birthday and the kids sat with us so quietly that Willy went to sleep and Nick almost did. Sierra got a little antsy but soon calmed herself down. I know they learn fast but I don't even understand how the Lord managed that one :) It was a great service by Pastor Burt. A wonderful message that related to today in ways that I'd not realized before.

We then went to the Truck Stop for our usual Sunday lunch as we have no family here to join or have join us - so the rest of the day was almost just Sunday as usual. But that isn't a bad thing either. Life at a slow pace. . . It's the Florida Way!!

Papa spent most of Boxing Day repairing the toys that have already been broken and putting up shelving to hold the loot from the day before. The twins are rather "hard" on things. Everything, all things. They will eventually find a way to search and destroy. But they keep me from getting bored!! Constant!! Entertaining!!

Enough for today,
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Anonymous said...

Sop glad that you all had a great Christmas. Wish we could have shared it with you. We missed you on Christmas morning.