December 30, 2005

New 2 us

Well, we are now officially a "wireless" household. The neighbors and the traffic on I95 saw an actual "Geek Mobile" driven by the Geek Squad at our house for several hours today:) We have one desk and 3 computers which only one could be on the internet at a time. So it was kinda squashed and stacked as well as annoying to say the least. It isn't like we can just close the door and ignore the mess either!!

Well, anyhow, Agent Dianna showed up this afternoon to bring us into the 21st Century. She was really dismayed when she saw the 8 year old Compaq sitting next to the laptops!! I'll say one thing for her - she absolutely tried her darndest to get the Compaq on 98SE to network - it just wouldn't happen. Not only that, she kept getting the same error message on bootup that I did - and couldn't get rid of it either (something else to do with Norton - which I'm becoming real disenchanted with) - which is why I quit using it altogether. Now we have to run it only for the wireless port - for whatever reason. The DSL is hooked into it somehow and if it's turned off, the wireless stuff doesn't work. But it's really nice to sit over here by myself and type without feeling like I'm holding someone else up. Works for me!! But they actually do zoooom up in a little vw that says Geek Squad right on it. Dressed in a black suit, white socks, and black shoes - and introduced herself as Agent Diana. I had a terrible time keeping a straight face while she came over and shook my hand. And when she said upon leaving - "back to the shop - a Geek's work is never done" I thought I would die!! She did a great job with what she had to work with - but the sense of humor was an extra. Good Job!!

Other than that - life with the kids has stayed busy and I'm trying really hard to keep them entertained - because they are soooo good at entertaining themselves when I'm not watching. I was talking to Agent Diana while Nick pulled all the stuffing out of the couch pillow that I thought I'd sewn up earlier. It's hard to believe that the boys haven't even hit the terrible two's yet - Not until next month.

Finally getting my laundry caught up and things back somewhat to normal after the holidays. Keith asked to leave the decorations up until "next year" so they are still around - but not really bothering anything. Getting ready to get organized - that's what I'm doing!!!! Just hope the bottom doens't fall out of the box when I've finally got everything in the right ones!!

Happy New Year all. Lots of good luck and love to all!!


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