December 7, 2005

St. Augustine, FL

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The kids have stayed plenty busy while we have been here. We have spent most of our time at the playground and seeing the sights around the lake. The ducks come right up to our campsite every time they hear voices outside. Nik keeps them away pretty well. Here is him and Will doing their duck quack quack imitations while chasing them back to the lake. I didn't get to go see Maximo at the alligator farm today. The kids slept in and Keith got home from his meeting earlier than planned. I did get to talk to Jeff for a few minutes before he took off. He is going to see his Dad, who lives close before heading back to Missouri. Then the propane gas wouldn't work for the stove or hot water heater. So we wasted a bunch of time figuring out that the battery was weak - one of the kids )most likely) turned on the engine heater and pulled the battery down. If the coach battery isn't charged the propane doesn't work. And we figured this out all by ourselves!! Didn't cost a dime. We turned the generator on, charged the battery, lit the stove and cooked dinner!!!

All is quiet now, except for the rain. Kids in bed, Keith watching TV. I'm about worn out so I think I'll crash early. The sound of the rain is almost hypnotising.

Love ya'll,

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