December 12, 2005

Farmer Johns

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Boy have we had a week!! Nicky has decided he was going to do the "Terrible Two's" all in one week! The story behind the Farmer Johns for CHURCH: Nicky has learned to completely undress himself. I know this isn't a big huge deal. Boys can easily get their pants and shirts off - and Nicky takes his diaper off too!! Anyhow, I put his clothes on him 3 times before Church yesterday morning and 3 times he came running at me with a big grin and nothing else, ahold of himself just beaming with delight. Well, I didn't want the nice folks at Church to wonder just what kind of Nature Retreat we have here - so I put overalls on him. Well, Willie had to have some to - and I decided that Sierra could match also!! When I checked Papa out, he to had his dungarees and 'spenders (bought custom made in Canyonville, by the way!) on ready for Sunday Go Ta Meetin'! I laughed so hard!! I just had to have pictures. Of course, I didn't have anything even close, so I was odd man out - as usual!! Anyhow it was definately cute. Pastor had a good laugh and we drew quite a few amused smiles (rather unsure but amused anyhow). Not everyone knows why we arrived in our "Farmer Johns".

All is getting better! At least I keep telling myself that. They continue to wear me out to the point that I am sound asleep as soon as I put my head down!! Unfortunately, I don't stay asleep for long, but I do sleep. If anything is left down (or even put down) for a matter of seconds one of them has found and destroyed whatever it was. They seem especially fond of my fake flower arrangements. Not one is complete :-( I know that I'm old and they are young - I try - and believe it or not - my wish and prayers are mostly for patience - and in large quantities, please.

Another day in, and with grace, lots more to go.


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