October 7, 2005

Arizona to New Mexico

AZ - NM 007
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Odd place for a Tepee, don't you think? We left Williams this morning at 9:30. We lost an hour and parked at 5:00. Kind of a short day for us, only 280 miles. It will take us 4 days to get to Ozzies!! We watched more awesome scenery along Route 66, including petrified wood, dinosaurs, Native American wampum signs and much more. The most awesome is still the natural beauty of the Painted Desert. We've dropped to 5000 ft altitude and have gone back up to 6500. We are now parked at Grants, New Mexico and Keith is getting ready to bbq our dinner.

A neat story about the Raven in yesterdays post - While I was trying to get a better picture of him - he stole a bag (the whole unopened bag) of chips from our picnic table - and flew off with it. I was laughing to hard to get that picture - but I sure wish I could've. It was halarious.

That's the story for today. Miss you all.


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Anonymous said...

Hey you must be on the same time as me as this post wasn't here a minute ago. Glad you are having fun. Miss you too