October 5, 2005

Lemon Grove to Williams, AZ

We really did leave Lemon Grove. I know Keith thought we'd never get out of there. We didn't leave until almost 11:30 - and I wasn't ready to go then. I just really dislike driving off and seeing my baby standing there waving good-bye. I never know for sure when I'll see her again. It is always to long between visits - and I get to visit way more than others that live so far away. But anyhow - we left.

I never knew there was so much desert in the US. We drove up the 15 to I40 and headed east. Just outside of San Bernadino we hit desert again and stayed in it for days! We saw amazing mountains of bare rock and little towns built out in the middle of nowhere. In several places we crossed the old historic Route 66. We didn't hit any bad traffic and had a really nice drive to Bullhead City. The gas prices in Needles, CA was $3.59 but it dropped as soon as we crossed into Arizona. In Bullhead we paid $2.93 and it took $150 worth of gas. We are still averaging about 6 miles to the gallon - almost .50 a mile. And we have a long, long way to go before we are done!!

We got to Bullhead City - to Dad's - just after dark and it was a trip trying to get this monster parked! The Silver Creek RV park where he lives is re-doing their septic/sewer lines and we can't drive around to pull straight thru - and the spaces are facing the wrong way to even back into them. It was comical. Dad couldn't believe that I was the one to back this up, go in circles, turn it around and pull into our space :). He had reserved one for us right across the road from him so we were nice and close. It was a great visit for me. Not a lot of sightseeing - the only thing we did besides eat was to go over to the Avi Casino in Fort Mohave where he works. He and I went over "to eat" about 11 the night we pulled in. Keith was tired and had gone to bed. When we got there - the buffet was closed - so we gambled. He made more than I lost - so all was good. And I didn't lose but a few dollars - so it was great. We played blackjack for awhile and a couple of the dealers were a real kick. Of course a couple of others were just as personable as wet dishclothes - but we didn't stay around them for long!! I got a couple of old photos from Dad, we ate Mexican food 3 times in a day and a half so Keith was happy as could be. Dad enjoyed telling all the war stories about our childhood, his and mine both - and Keith heard things that I'd as soon he didn't - but that's what family is all about. Dad looks really good and stays busy. He went to the Dr. on Monday and is being scheduled for a sleep study. He can return to work on the 11th - if the Dr signs the release. He still has more "projects" than ever going on. I am really glad we got to spend time with him. The one thing I did for him was to hook his VCR back up so that he can use it. We met some of his friends and neighbors and a co-worker that will be living next door to him soon. The Woo (wind) was blowing pretty hard so we spent a lot of time inside. He has made a nice life for himself there. I envy the way he can connect with people whereever he is. I don't have that knack.

Anyhow, we stayed there until this afternoon. Finally, after having another trip to the Mexican Food, Keith decided that the Woo had died down enough so we headed out. It was blowing pretty hard and I wasn't sure I wanted to drive in it but it really did die down so it wasn't bad. Only when you come out of a canyon into the open the gusts hit pretty hard but I managed for awhile. Keith drove about the last 60 miles. My arms were tired and my knee was totally on fire. We were either going straight uphill, or straight downhill. When we get to a landline, I'll be able to upload the AZ pictures that we took. We didn't have far to go today and arrived here in Williams about 5. We have a tour of the Grand Canyon booked for tomorrow and I'm really excited about it. I was beginning to think that we were going to miss all the "tourist" wonders of the world - but we made it to the Arch and now the 1st Wonder - the Grand Canyon. Keith is watching Star Wars on video - we don't get TV here and I think soon we will hit the hay so that we can be ready for a great time tomorrow.

Congrats on your new pick-up Sharen, and S'te - I sure hope you've found your kitty by now. I miss all you kids already. I've shown pictures (the ones that I FINALLY got) to everyone. I really like the one with the paint all over S'te and the one of me babysitting Saturday morning :) I love my babies.

Will update more as something or another comes up to write about.



Anonymous said...

Still no kitty:-( Two in two days is not good. I hope he's somewhere safe.

Anonymous said...

That means that you are good on pics for a year or so right!!:-)