October 16, 2005

Cardinals Game

April and I went to the mall today. Noah and Brennan went with us. It really was a nice afternoon. We had lunch - I had fish tacos and Noah wouldn't even try a bite. He is very picky about what he eats. I got a couple of pictures with his "metal mouth" now that he has his new braces. He is doing very well in school, as is Elizabeth. She still hasn't decided if she likes me or not but I think she is realizing that I'm not all that bad a person. Brennan is a happy little boy, and smart as a whip. I really enjoyed our visit. It was nice and homey. As always, April and Rick made us feel welcome and at home. But the big news is:

We went to the Cardinals / Astro's baseball playoff game on Thursday!!
It's to bad that we lost but it was a great game. April got tickets for us and Lori and Jeff were very excited to be there. I've never been to a playoff game before and they said they hadn't either. If the Cardinals don't win the next game - that will have been the last game at Busch Stadium as they are tearing it down to complete the new stadium they are building. After the game we went to Panama Red's and had Nachos before going home. It was a truly great evening. Thanks April for finding the tickets for us!!

Yesterday we packed up and left right after the kids did. The little ones had soccer games to go to and the big kids were headed for a football game.

So the Novices headed out for Charlestown. Again we had beautiful weather and enjoyed our drive. We got here to Charlestown about dark last night. Mom Beatty had a big pot of Chili ready for us and we totally pigged out. It was great. We went to Church with her this morning and then went to the Chinese place for lunch. We tried to go to the Mexican place but it is now closed on Sundays. Dolores came over to visit this afternoon and we had a nice time. Even Faith stopped by with her baby to see Uncle Keith. She begins work at McDonalds soon so she won't have as much free time for visiting. I'm glad that she made it by today. The new door and bathroom are great and Mom Beatty is very happy with all of it. I'm so glad. She is such a sweet lady. She was going thru things for a bazaar and found a china plate that has my name on the back of it - so she says it has to be mine. It is beautiful.

We had a real nice dinner while watching the Cardinal game on TV. Melody watched Andy Griffin in the kitchen while she ate. She isn't much of a baseball fan I guess.

So today was a nice peaceful family day. Just like in the movies. Family being together. To bad we all live so far apart!!

Enough for tonight. It has been a long day. Nice but long.

More later.

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