October 18, 2005

Civil War Battlefield

We left Charlestown this morning about 10. Keith got us loaded up and ready to go early. Heather came over to see us off. Melody had a Dr. appointment early so we said our goodbyes to them before they left. We got a few little things done , mini blinds hung and valance rods put up. Keith put the headboard back on Melody's bed so that should be good for awhile. We had Chinese food, Mexican food, Baked Chicken and Stuffing, and some great Chicken and Dumplings that Heather cooked. It seems like most of what we did was eat, eat, eat.

I drove thru the little bit of Indiana and all of Kentucky before lunch. During lunch I talked to Chuck and he is now in New Orleans. He says it is horrible. Unimagineable. We can only be feel blessed that this disaster happened in the US - not Pakistan. Look at those poor people and be thankful for what we do have. After lunch Keith took the wheel and drove thru Tennessee. We are 333 miles closer to home. We are parked in the Best Holiday Trav-L-Park and I was reading the literature. This is a battlefield from the Civil War. All the little lanes are named after Commanders and Generals and they even have a historical video about the part this area played in the Civil War to watch. We got here about 6 and immediately turned the Weather Station on to get an update on Wilma.

We had planned to be home by Thursday - but now Keith is debating going straight there until we know where Wilma is headed.

More later - I'll let you know if we are actually headed straight home or not.


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Anonymous said...

The hurricane is supposed to be there by this weekend. Are you really planning on going home?