October 6, 2005

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is AWESOME, ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY UNBELIEVABLE. We took an all-day van tour and went to several viewing points and took lots of pictures - which I can't download until we get somewhere with a landline - still. But if you ever, ever have a chance to visit this totally awsome place, be sure to. And if you take one of the tours, you get all the history, facts and even some of the myths of the Canyon. We could've drove up there on our own but we definately would've missed many of the places that our American Dream Tour took us to. It was a little spendy but I felt it was definately worth it. We were with another couple from Florida, a family with 2 young boys from Tennessee, a young man from Singapore, and another couple from British Columbia. Definately a mixed group so we had lots of fun. Our tour-guide was Joel and he was very knowledgable about the canyon, the mountains around it, the areas we drove to get there, high and low desert stuff, and all sorts of trivia that makes seeing a place really interesting.

Papa found a wounded squirrel and gave him the banana that he had in his pocket. Several people stopped and took pictures - including me!

Other than that, we got home, had leftovers and are ready to kick back and get ready for our drive tomorrow. We are headed to Oklahoma but I think it will take several days to get us there!!

More to come,


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you guys had such a fun time. Hope that means that you are feeling better. I really enjoyed the pictures also. Good to see some pics of you in there.

Sharen & Mitch said...

Now that is a hat that will get you found if you fall in the big hole in the ground! New one? You both look happy. Thanks for sharing the tip on taking a guided tour and getting the full deal. We'll apply that!