October 11, 2005


Here is a picture of Keith with a Navy buddy of his. Master Chief Ozzie. He was introduced to me as Ozzie and Keith kept calling him Master Chief - So that's what it is as far as I'm concerned. The other man is Master Chief's son D. We had a wonderful visit with them in W. Siloam, Oklahoma. We got to the Dripping Falls State Park about 8 pm on Sunday. It turned out to be about 3 miles from Master Chief's house - so they came over to the camper Monday morning and visited for awhile before they had to go to an appointment. Keith and I then went for a little ride in the little car - next thing we knew- we were in Arkansas! We went back to the park - found the falls - took some pictures and then we met them for dinner at - just guess - ! ! A la Hacienda. I found out what a Fajita taco is - they are really good too!! It is the same way that April makes her tacos with all the goodies. After dinner we stopped at their home and I bookmarked this blog for them - so now they can follow us too - if they want to.

We left Oklahoma early Wednesday morning. On to the next entry!!!


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