October 20, 2005

from Indiana to Georgia

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We've gone as far south as we think we should. What a time to try to go home!! After 3 months - you'd think we'd pick a better weekend! We left the campground in Tennessee yesterday morning about 10. I was hinting to stay there. It was real close to Lookout Mountain (where you can see 7 states) and a BUNCH of the Civil War memorabilia. But Keith wanted to come down a day closer. He figures that we are a day away from home - so when the coast is clear we can head home.

We woke to squirrels throwing acorns at the RV. I got a picture of this one right outside our window. In another tree was a wild cat watching the squirrel. As soon as I said kitty, kitty it ran away.

This is the same campground that we stayed in on our way north so we have made a complete, if somewhat crooked circle now.

We hope to be able to go home on Sunday, I'm ready.

Look at the Money Pit site for all the work that S'te has had to do with the rental in San Diego. We are leaning toward selling - but she wants to try renting again - we'll see.

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