October 24, 2005

Homeward bound (I hope)

We have been blessed again! I've received word thru the "Palm Frond Telegraph" that most is well at Lakewood Village. No electricity yet but our homes are intact! So we hope to be leaving here first thing in the morning so that we can make it home before the 8 PM curfew. Bev and Dave are over on the Alabama border waiting to go back to the Village also. I understand that there was some damage to a couple of homes and several carports went - but for a hurricane - with the number of older homes in the Village - this is great.
Now for my observations of McRae, GA. We've been here since last Wednesday. I've found NO signs of any type of tavern, bar, lounge, coffee shop, Starbucks, etc. that have any sign of people gathering for any thing. Here is the closest thing we found to a city park.

We found the 2nd Mexican Restaurant today and actually bought a few groceries from a fruit stand and sweet potatoes from out of the bed of a pick-up. We drove all 4 directions from town in 10 mile stretches just to see if there was ANYTHING going on. Found nothing:))))

We did see a little stand that we wondered about so we stopped there. Guess what we found! The only Burger place in town, and it was closed!!When the lady at the post office said that McRae wasn't "much for entertainment", she sure wasn't kidding. I've talked to 3 campers, the camp host, and the golf host here (who told us about the great seafood buffet at the lodge on Fridays - he told us that about 8:30 Friday night). I catch the campers as they are leaving the bathroom and head thru (or around) our space to go back to their own sites.
To be perfectly honest, they have a beautiful golf course and the 19th Hole has the most friendly 80 +/- or more year old woman. Keith knew her name - he'd seen her name before - somewhere - and she was so tickled she blushed and told us we could sit over on the sofa and watch the game - make ourselves comfortable. She was very, very friendly!! I think she was mostly bored and lonesome. I know that feeling!! She said she's had that spot for 12 years and it took "lots and lots" of years to get it in the first place.

Now that the hurricane is over - all 3 other campers have left for Florida. Keith decided to wait until tomorrow to leave - that way we don't have to set camp up again before we get home. So this should be the next-to-the-last entry on this subject. I'll have to find a new name (he he)


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