August 24, 2005

Bend to Canyonville

We made it! We got to Roseburg about 2:30 and had lunch with Sharen. The drive from Bend was beautiful. Keith hung onto his seatbelt while we did the Diamond Lake Highway - but he didn't stay anything. I can tell when he is nervous - again by how many pictures he takes. He took 134 pictures before the battery gave out just above the Douglas County line. That was about 40 miles from Roseburg. He was as amazed as I was when we saw a sign that said "signal ahead" in the middle of the forest. There was a stoplight strung across the road instead of flaggers in a spot that roadwork was being done and the road was 1 lane!! I couldn't hardly contain myself. Here we were in the middle of nowhere at a red light!! It makes sense - but it was funny anyhow. The drive from LaPine west is beautiful. We took 97S to 138W. Mt. Thielson was huge on our right and Diamond Lake was on our left. The Diamond Lake Boulevard is 2 lane with HUGE trees or rock walls on both sides. This is the Oregon that I know. The deserts of yesterday were completely foreign to me. I will sort and upload some of the picutes. Don't know that we really need a picture of each and every curve and sign. He was amazed at the some of the signs that showed the complete right angle curves. There was a "Congestion" sign where a little fishing motel was and he got a giggle out of that.

We actually got to Mitch and Sharen's about 4:30 and were all set up by the time she got home from work. We did 201 milesfrom Bend to here. We had a good visit, ate pizza, stayed up to late, and caught up on news that just doesn't get said unless there is lots of time. Mike got left in my care and he took off to the park - so I wound up with a nice little walk about dusk.

We will spend today getting laundry and other sundry items done and plan to be here about a week. It is 54 in Roseburg and Keith has his sweatshirt on. It will warm up and hopefully he will be more comfortable.

So far we have traveled about 3,600 miles and are ready for a few days in one spot. We haven't "planned" anything yet. Will wait until Mitch gets home on Thursday for that. I'm sure they will have something up their sleeves for us to do:) They are definately "doers" not "setters" :)!!

More later,

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Anonymous said...

I'm jeolous that you are there first but I'll get over it. Hope that you have great time visiting with Aunt Sharen. Be sure that you get some rest and don't let Aunt Sharen totally wear you out!