August 9, 2005

St. Louis - Tuesday

Getting caught up on this journal - if nothing else - I have internet here in this room!!

Got the "NEWS" from the shop regarding the RV. Guess what!!! It needs new brakes, a rotor turned, sensors, etc. I don't know what we've had fixed in Ormand Bech and in Clayton - but now we're getting more brake stuff done :( They "think" it'll be done tomorrow but you know how that goes. . . . We also checked out the service center for the rest of the work - and maybe we will be able to move back into the RV by Saturday. I'll be glad.

But I got Keith to Burlington Coat Factory here at the Mall - and he actually got TWO pairs of LONG pants. Of course the only reason for that is because he can't wear shorts to work. He has several pair of pants in Vero - but didn't bring any - except for one pair of jeans!! He actually bought clothes without an argument. Horrayy!!

We went over to April's for spaghetti and watched the kids play for awhile before coming back here to watch House.

So much for our "sightseeing" trip across the US. We've spent more time waiting for the RV than driving. But maybe this is the last time for a month or so. At least it's getting done before we don't know where we are!

I still hope to see everyone on our list before we have to head back towards Florida. The hope is still Oregon before the end of this month and California mid-Sept.

Keep checking in for our progress.


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