August 19, 2005

La Platte, Nebraska to Rawlins, Wyoming

We actually got up an on our way fairly early this morning. We were at the gas station at 9:30. Gas there was $2.69 a gallon and we needed 27 gallons to fill up!! Not to many trinkets at the price of gas. All my trinket budget is going into the tank!!

We visited Fort Cody on our way out and it is hard to believe that the wagons that the settlers moved west in were so small. I saw remnants of a couple of the "Schooners" that the rich and elite traveled in and they weren't even as big as this RV!! There is a picture on Flickr with Keith's arms spread out in front of one of them. I got a kick out of the scenery depicted at the Fort. It is a free entry but of course they have lots of souveniors (?).

We got into Wyoming at a decent time and stopped at their tourist info center. It was interesting in itself!! The TIC attendant was again full of great information and history of the area. We discussed stopping at Laramie vs. going on into Rawlins. The attendant said we would have a few "little hills" to go over between them! What an understatement!! By the time we got to the top of the "hill" at Happy Jacks Road, we were at 8,640' elevation. I read that this was the highest we would go on I80 - but that was plenty high enough. There around Happy Jack Road I took pictures of a rock and plaque that is in Flickr. We were at the Vedauwoo Earth-born Rocks. These were magma-created and underwater at one time. It really brings the history of our Earth to life to really see these things!!

Anyhow, back to the drive - Keith figures we got 4 mpg going thru those "little hills" that went on and on and on. It was all amazing scenery for sure. But I was sure glad to get to Rawlins 373 miles later! Keith was too. For every big hill we went up, we went down a little one. He was so nervous he was even taking pictures of the clouds. We even got rained on some. Thankfully, not much. The wind was atrocious tho. My arms were sure tired when we pulled into a really nice campgroundand we found that our sewer hose isn't long enough to reach (guess I will just put some blue in the tank and forget it for now). We need some supplies but I am tired and so didn't do much besides fix dinner, do dishes, clean up a little, log on, and my future plan is to sleep!!


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