August 22, 2005

Caldwell to Bend, Oregon

This isn't the nicest campground we've been in - we are across from the propane tank and right next to the dog walk area. The State Fair was in town so "pickin's" were poor and we were glad to get what we got.I was outside with coffee while many of the other RV'ers were taking their daily walk. I've noticed that they seem to do that in about all the parks. Not me - I'll talk to them while they do the walking!! Met 2 couples from Washington, one man and sister from Michigan, and a truck driver that actually lives in Caldwell. RV'ers are a friendly bunch and I enjoyed hearing their stories. Got good information from them all!! We even got the awning down in a matter of seconds instead of the hour it took last time. I'll bet we use it more often now that we know who to work it. We left Caldwell about 9 am headed for Oregon.

Sorry that this post has broken up so much - I saved it as a draft and then posted the draft, then tried to edit it (3X's now) and lost it into cyberspace so not I've "posted" it every few minutes". Just to get thru this one post has taken a long time.

We hit the Oregon border about 10 or so - it wasn't far! We should have gone back and gassed up in Idaho. The first gas in Oregon was $2.69 a gallon. We came into Oregon in a green area. Farmland and ranches - but that didn't last long. We started climbing and boy! does it change. I lived in Oregon for years but didn't know this "side" of the state even existed!! Miles of desert, hills so high that old "Bessie" does not want to go clear up them. Anyhow, as usual, Keith took lots of pictures. Some that I remembered I labled. I hope.

We got here to the Crown Villa RV Park in Bend about 3:30 and what a difference from last night!!! It has all the amenities of a hotel and you have all of your own "stuff" in your RV. Even has coffee for you in the mornings. We laid in the Covered Spa (us old folks aren't supposed to get to much sun!!) and I soaked my shoulders. Soooo nice!! We've got another 292 miles on our butts tonight!! We hit some wind coming across the mesas. If you think wind is hard driving a van - try holding this thing on the road in gusty winds. My back, neck, and shoulders sure appreciated that spa.

We've changed our route again. We are going down the mountains via Diamond Lake instead of over by Sisters. It has just as many mountains to go over, but I don't think they are quite as high. And it is a more direct route. We will be getting into the trees and forests soon - the photos should look drastically different soon. About 5 hours driving and we should be in Roseburg!

See ya again tomorrow,

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I'm sure that Poppa does an excellent job at washing windows. Did you know that newspaper and water will clean your windows better than anything else?