August 16, 2005

Last night in St. Louis

We actually got some work done today. I typed in several reports for Keith and the laptop "glitched" and I lost them all. I know they are in there somewhere, but I never did find them!!

We had a great dinner with April (Rick had to stay with the kids, so he couldn't be there). We met her at the "Trainwreck Saloon" in Westport Center. It was a great place. Antiques were all over the walls, there was an electric train running on a track around the place. I can't really describe it but it was a really cool place. We had dinner across from there. One of the fancy places that bring out the cuts of meat and show them to you raw - so you know just what you are ordering. It was a great dinner - they just needed to turn the A/C off. Why do places set the A/C at 70 in the summer when everyone has on summer clothes and then turn the heat on to 80 when we have on sweaters?? It seems like there are more places than not that do this. Anyhow, the food was great but we didn't stick around because it was to cold. We were on our way out when we decided to stop at the "Jazz and Blues". I made it just in time for the last call on their happy hour (2 fer 1). Since I was the only one having anything - Keith and April both wound up sitting there while I finshed them both :) We had a good time, at least I did, and I think April enjoyed herself too. We left just as the band was tuning up.

We said goodbye to April there at the Mall. It's always sad to leave. Then Keith and I decided to go over to the Pink Galleon (across from our hotel) and play a couple of games of pool. I haven't played since Brett and Sharen came to visit in San Diego. I lost every game - I sure need some practice!!!

We are supposed to be able to pick the RV up by 11 tomorrow and should be back on our way across the country!! Anxious to get started!!!

More tomorrow,

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