August 17, 2005

St. Joseph, Missouri

We picked the RV up at 11 yesterday morning and bought gas :( It was $2.49 a gallon and it took $99 to fill it up!! We figured that we have to fill every 300 or so miles - so I sure hope someone does something with the gas prices!!!!

Anyhow, we got on the road again. We are only a week or so behind our estimated timeline - but we are having a good time. Keith mapped this state on the interstate - so not so much sightseeing as when we went thru all the small towns. I got to stay off of them for awhile anyhow. I think he is tired of the curvy roads :-)

We traveled 291 miles yesterday. We went past acres and acres of corn that is all dried out from lack of rain, lots of huge old houses, and still some hills and curvy roads. About 100 miles out, Keith fired up the laptop to see where he had planned our next stop. It was here in "St. Joe's". I tried a few hours later to turn it on - and nothing!! We managed to find this RV Park - Beacon's - because someone at the gas station knew where it was! So we got here- pulled in the wrong way - got our parking spot- went around the block to come in the right way - and got parked. We did our set-up dance and I tried the laptop with power. Nothing, nothing, nothing!!! Keith talked to the lady at the office - she was very helpful and directed him to the Best Buy (the laptop is still on warranty) "right down the street". He set out to find it while I fixed dinner - this is about 6 pm. About 10 miles down the road and thru every strip mall on the way - he found it. They have to ship the laptop back to - of all places! - St. Louis. They will fix it and then ship it back to us in 3-4 weeks!!! To finish up a long story - Keith gave them S'te's address and bought a new laptop to use while we wait for the other one to get back. So now we also have a Gateway Notebook. Of course, we couldn't just walk out with it - we had to stay here another night so that they could do the data transfer. We need our address books (both of them) as well as our itinerary, AND MY PICTURES that I have spent hours trying to organize. So it would be ready by today at 3 pm.

NEEDLESS to say, Best Buy is at it's usual. They transferred the "Our Documents" file (for $59) and nothing else. I called the tech and told him that he needed to use the export to get both e-mail accounts so that I could import them on this system. He didn't do that - he copied the WAB files for the express only. And I couldn't use that because it isn't in the export/import format. So the third trip to Best Buy was useless. Keith kind of likes them - but I definately am losing my patience (as much as I have) with them. SO I spent the last couple of hours exporting the addresses from Yahoo for him. At least I knew where I could find them in a pinch.

Of course, with the change of systems, I also have to find the picture software that I purchased and downloaded. This should be lots of fun as the receipts are all on the Toshiba in my e-mail folder that he didn't know how to export. And he gets paid for this!!! So I don't know how far I will get on the Cancun DVD's until the Toshiba comes back - but I had good intentions!!!!

We went sightseeing this afternoon. We visited the Pattee Museum and Jesse Jame's House. We spent 2.5 hours in the Museum. It was great. They had a game that we played - picking out things that didn't belong in the exhibits. We found them all!!! We also found a picture of the phone that I found in Mom Beatty's garage!! A 1923 "french" something!! When I get the picture downloaded - I'll add it to this post - so check back if you are interested. We then went for a Mexican (I know no one would've guessed that) lunch, picked up the notebood, and I've been here ever since!!

It's gotta be bedtime and we are off for our next 300 miles tomorrow.

Keep in touch!!

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Anonymous said...

So you have new brakes and a new computer! You should be all set for your trip now, right?! Glad to hear that you are finally "on the road again"!