August 20, 2005

Rawlins, Wyoming to Ogden, Utah

Wyoming 27
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Got up this morning and he was cold! It was a little windy and the gravel RV park is on top of a little hill. Couldn't resist this picture!! We've traveled 2,700 miles and seen sooo much. It is hard to believe that our Country has so much to see and so much history.

We got back on the Interstate and the "check engine soon" idiot light came on. About gave Keith and I heart attacks!!! At the next stop Keith paid $2.49 for mid-priced gas hoping that it might take care of the problem. Guess what! It did, and we didn't have to spend another week with it in the shop! We still have the ABS light on but didn't want to sit in St. Louis for them to get the part.

We went thru some amazing country, saw another set of windmills, the Badlands of Wyoming, and miles of bare rocks that (according to the ladies at the TIC's) are millions of years old and used to be underwater!! Since we are traveling at 5-6,000 ft elevations, it is awesome!!!

I tried calling Sharen and of course, she wasn't home and I got S'te's voice mail. S'te called back just as we were getting ready to cross the Wyoming/Utah state lines - so I had to drive hard. Sorry, S'te.

Coming into Utah was amazing!! We dropped a 1,000 feet in just a little while! As well as driving, I was pointing out all the awesome sights that I wanted Keith to take pictures of! He did a great job of catching things but I'm not exactly sure just what they are of since I didn't have time to do any research on Utah. Here is a link for some of the pictures Keith took of the Red Rocks when we first came into Utah. It is really interesting.

After driving 285 miles we stopped at Ogden, Utah. We chatted with a couple that also stayed in Rawlins last night and I understand there are more amazing things to see on the way to Canyonville. The man we talked to went to school in Myrtle Point in 1951 but only spent one year there before moving around more. They are from Washington and on their way home after going out to Ohio to visit relatives.

We should be hitting my sisters mid-week if all goes well.

More later,

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