August 25, 2005

Canyonville, Oregon

We are still recovering, I guess. The town is busy setting up for Pioneer Days which is quite the thing for Canyonville. It started at 4 pm today and ends on Sunday so I'll have some good fun to write about. Lots seems to be going on down the hill with the set-up and we got a schedule - it is so close that we can walk to it. Canyonville is a sleepy little town about 30 miles south of Roseburg, where the people have never met a stranger:) All have been so very friendly it's like I've been here 2 years instead of 2 days. At the very edge of town is Seven Feathers Indian Casino and a very large truck stop is located across Interstate 5. I've not made it to the Casino yet but maybe next week when Sharen and Mitch are working. We talked about going up to the Belknap Springs area this weekend - but with so much activity here - why travel some more (it's not like we never go anywhere::)).

Mitch became a Grandfather for the first time yesterday but you'll have to read about that on Knuckles Knoll. Needless to say, they have been gone since last night - and should return shortly. Yesterday we did laundry and cleaned up a little, today so far we walked to the post office and thru town a little. We took Mike with us where he got doggie treats at the Ace Hardware Store (he really got 2) and at Molly B's. Keith didn't take him into any other stores, didn't want to ruin his dinner since he isn't our Dog and we only are babysitting. The Rexall was really nice when Keith asked what we would have to do if my prescription from Walgreens didn't make it in the mail by Monday. Don't believe it when they say there is a Walgreens everywhere, there isn't one listed for the entire area here. I should've listened to Dr. Anthony when she said she would write me an extra paper prescription. Another lesson learned!! Boy, I learn them constantly.

Sharen put Carne con Chili in the crockpot before she left and I can hear the loudspeakers from the Park. The flag raising will be held in just a few minutes - gotta go see what I can see.

Have a good weekend all - I know I will!


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Anonymous said...

Congrats Mitch!! I would read about it on Knuckles Knoll but they are still busy exploring the Chetco River:-) Must be a nice river, hehe!!