August 15, 2005

Our Weekend

We are still camping at the Ramada. It seems strange to be "living" across the street from the place I took pictures of on my first trip to Missouri because I'd never seen pink pool tables before!! That was the same winter that I was around snow for the first time in years.

There has been lots to do as far as sight-seeing goes. I never could get Keith to take me around before - I think April teased him into it for me:)

We made it to the Cahokia Mounds in Illinois on Saturday morning. The place is massive! I love the history of our countryside and it never ceases to amaze me of all the things, peoples, and cultures that have occupied this land so many years before us. It makes me wonder what the people in the future will think of us a thousand years from now. If you are ever in the area and like history, it is definitely worth the trip. We got to see about a fourth of what there was to see in the Interpretive Center before it was time to be off to meet April, Elizabeth, Brennan, and Noah to go and view the "Arch".  A visitor to this blog suggested that I add this link for those interested in more detail about the Cahokia Mounds.  Thank you much for the suggestion.

We met them and I had a wonderful burger while the kids had strawberry sundaes at Joey B's on the Landing in downtown St. Louis. The streets there are all brick. I didn't see ANYONE speeding down those streets!!! After lunch we made our way down to the Arch. I've been asking Keith for 6 years to take me there - but he just ignored me - but April got it to happen for me!! Yeah for April :) He still refused to go up into the arch but in the "basement" is a wonderful museum of the Louis and Clark Journey. I learned that the Arch is actually the "Gateway to the West" Arch. Anyhow, we waited for hours (our tickets for the "cell" was 3:25 and they were running a 1/2 hour late) and got in the 3x3x5 cell that took us UP to the top. I took a few pictures and Brennan was READY :) to go. I was too. They were having a big thunderstorm and we could see the lightening from the little windows up there!! We got back to the bottom, went outside and saw the tree limbs that had been blown down. Had I known all that was going on - I might've just joined Keith at the bottom!!!! Anyhow, we parted ways with the kids after the Arch and made our way down to Laclede's Landing. We visited the Sundecker where we went years ago after the Rams won the playoff game and where we celebrated Keith's 60th (I think) birthday. So we sat there and joked about "old times". On the way home we ran into another big rainstorm - we were glad to get back to our room. A big day for Keith. He was really a great sport about waiting for us all that time. Especially since he was waiting where he got no phone reception and couldn't spend it talking to anyone he knew. Who knows what he did - but he waited. Bless him!!

On Sunday we went to Grant's Farm where Anhauser Busch has turned U.S. Grant's old homestead into a Farm. My idea was to go to his mansion which they are refurbishing - but we went to the farm instead. It was really fun. They had a tram that we rode around the perimeter (so he didn't have to cram his ankle any worse than he does anyway) and stopped at the petting zoo part, saw their animal show. Keith went into the Men's room and I headed for the gift shop - for a minute. In the doorway stood a man holding a giant snake. I backed up at 100 mph and just waited for Keith to come back!! :) That gift shop can do without my business.

We left there and stopped by April's, then went to St. Peters to the Red Lobster. There we finally used the gift certificates that our babysitters gave us for Christmas last year. I had a wonderful dinner. Keith's fish wasn't as good as the VB Legions, so he just kind of picked at it. He is sure getting spoiled!!! We got home in time to watch a little TV before we both conked out.

So there was our week-end. We will see what the week brings us.


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