August 6, 2005

Leave Indiana - Headed for Illinois

We broke camp and left Charlestown today. We are getting so good at getting things packed up, we were ready by 10:30. Keith's Mom and Sisters wanted to come out and say good-bye, and bring the things we left at her home, but almost missed us. Mom Beatty said they would be out between 10 and 11. Of course we were ready to go before that and Keith isn't a real good "waiter" when he is ready to go!! We were on our way out of the park at 11:10 when we passed them on the road. They had almost made it!! They turned around and met us at the gas station. This thing is a real hog. It wants gas often!! We said our good-byes and left town. We are traveling across Illinois on the #150. We had some beautiful sights of farmland and, according to Dolores, went right thru Amish country. We even saw signs depicting the horse and buggy but saw none. I guess they had better things to be doing than riding around on a Saturday afternoon :(.

We got to Shoals about 1 and Keith saw a "Fried Chicken" sign on a restaurant. So we went around the round-a-bout in town backtracked and finally found a spot along a road to park this thing and walked over to the restaurant. Funniest looking fried chicken I've ever seen!! They had pizza and salad bar.

We arrived at the Red Hills State Park just outside of Lawrenceville, Illinois about 3 and checked in. We hooked up the electric and called it good. The flies here REALLY bite. I had 4 bite and draw blood!!! I guess I'll stay inside :) We are only staying here for one night. Keith asked what TV channels we get and the answer was 2,7,10, and 22. For us it was 0. So we watched 3 vcr movies that we brought and called it a night.

Oh, we made it a whopping 142 miles today. At this rate, we will make it to the west coast by Christmas :-).

Another big day on the adventure trail,


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