August 5, 2005

Finishing up in Charlestown

We tried hard to finish up the odd jobs we started at Mom Beatty's house. Keith used up the rest of the concrete paint on Mom's foundation, I scrubbed the floors in the bath and kitchen and got what buildup I could off of them. If nothing else, we got some of the "honey-do's" done and others in the works. Two things I've found out about Indiana, 1. even tho' it is hot, the humidity is bearable and I can still work outside and 2. the flies bite.

Keith's sister Joy and her family came over this evening. I fixed Fish Taco's using the Mahi that we had in the freezer. I decided I'd better do a backup with ground beef in case no one like fish. Good thing too! Mom, Heather, and Timmy are the only ones that even tried them. Of course, Keith ate them, but he already knows he likes them so it wasn't a big thing. We had enough leftovers to feed Custer's army, so I bagged what I knew they wouldn't eat and put the rest in the fridge. Joy's family does the upkeep on Mom Beatty's yard so they went to work. They are headed for vacation next week so the kids had incentive. It always seems to work better that way for teens - wonder why :-)? Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the rest of the family working before Keith was ready to go. To many people in to small a place - I'm guessing.

We stopped at The American Legion Post on the way back to the campsite and got some good direction and insight on the next leg of our trip. Hwy 150 to 50 is the most scenic - so Keith says we can take that.

So, ended another day.


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