August 18, 2005

First Half of Nebraska

Nebraska 025
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We really went on the road today! We traveled 370 miles from St. Joseph, MO to North Platte, Nebraska!! The ladies at the RS/TIC are so helpful and know so much about their areas it is really wonderful. They have told us of the history and interesting facts about the places we are passing. The scenery in Nebraska varied from farmland to miles of rolling plains. No wonder they call it the plains state!! I also saw for myself why there was an old adage about the N. Platte River being useless as it is really “to thick to drink and to wet to plow”! I’ve seen duck ponds with better water! At one Rest Area we notice a big steel “thing” kinda sitting in the pond beside it and went back inside to ask what it was. The lady told us of the sculptures that were in several of the RA’s along I-80 in Nebraska that had been commissioned. She also said that many Cornhuskers were upset when the list of Sculptors was revealed as none of them were even from the state!! She looked a little sheepish, so I’m thinking she must’ve been one of those people.

We stayed at the Holiday RV Camp in N. Platte and I spent the evening trying to resolve the issues on both the Outlook and Outlook Express that will not let us download our mail. Never did get it fixed – but Keith spent the evening talking to several of the other RV’ers that were staying there. They sound like an interesting bunch. Some were headed north, some south, and some east. We were the only ones headed west – at least that I heard about. We had planned to go over to Fort Cody Trading Post (which we passed on our way into the park) but they closed at 7, so we didn’t make it tonight. This made the 2nd night that I spent trying to get this new notebook set up, and I am done until we get to Mitch and Sharens so I can use a “land lind” to contact tech support. The TX at the wireless place says it is a server problem and after and hour the TS at Bellsouth says it is a firewall problem. If anyone else has had the same problem and has a solution – please e-mail it to me!! I can still check mail on the web – but it’s a pain. And I really need to get Keith set up.

It looks like we’ve finally figured out how to pull up to a gas pump without having to unhook the car and reload it every time. That was a real pain in the-you-know-where! If we can’t pull strait in – we just leave and find another station. Gas in N. Platte was $2.69 per gallon!!

I've mapped how far across Nebraska we've come. Still a long way to go!!

Oh, and by the way, Keith has taken over the elite position of navigator and historian. If he doesn't write down what the pictures are - your guess is as good as mine!! Log into Flickr and see our trip in pictures!!


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