August 7, 2005

Red Hills State Park - to Granite City

It is really nice here. The birds and crickets woke me at daylight. Of course I got enough sleep yesterday, it was definately time for me to wake up. We rode down by the lake, people were up fishing at dawn. Boats, kids, and dogs are plentiful. The Camp Hosts said that it had been fairly quiet for the last few weeks because of the heat but busier since it cooled down a bit. I understand heat. I didn't notice a lot of humidity but there was LOTS of shade. Like in Indiana, the temperature was probably in the 90's but the humidity wasn't quite as high as in Florida so I was more comfortable.

We took off about 9:30 for the rest of our trip across Illinois. I drove thru the hills and valleys watching all the beautiful trees, crops, old homes and of course, the road. Keith has decided that when I'm ready to go "Interstate", he'll drive. The rest is up to me. He takes pictures of the roads, signs, and other funny sites. He has quite a cute little routine he has built around the travels so far. His own description of the roads. He makes me laugh every time he goes into it.

We got to the KOA in Granite City about noon and set up again. This is an ok site, but I'm glad we aren't spending lots of time here. It's dusty and looks kind of run down.

I finally made it to Arby's. I've been pointing Arby's out since we left Florida and this is the first time we've stopped. Of course we were in the car, not trying to herd the RV around in the parking lots!!

After getting all set up, Keith was anxious to see April and the kids so we went over there. Elizabeth had a birthday party to go to but we (mostly Papa) played Power Rangers with Brennan. He is quite the big boy.

He's getting ready to turn 4 YEARS OLD. It dosen't hardly seem possible.

So ended another day with no major problems!!!


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