August 11, 2005

Wednesday & Thursday

We are still camping at the Ramada. We went over to April's for dinner last night.  She fixed her Daddy's favorite - Mexican Pork Chops.  He loved it.  He played a game of Barbie Monopoly with them while I watched.  Rick is taking a class as well as trying to keep up with his work so he didn't get home until just before we left for home. 
Got our call from Degel's and the RV is done there.  We went over this morning and transfered it to the RecTec Service Center.  They are going to replace a few things and clean up our learning scars.  We are thinking that we might get back on the road by Tuesday!!
I took Keith to work this morning and promptly got lost looking for a car wash :)  I can go from state to state - but don't turn me loose on a city street!!  I had planned to do some laundry as well as wash the car - but by the time I got the car done - I was done.  I did find my way back to the Ramada.  They are remodeling (I think) - the "equipped exercise room" has a treadmill in it.  We did ask about the high-speed internet last night (after we saw it on the sign) - and found that it was hidden behind the dresser the TV is on - so I hooked it up and was able to get a LOT of work done on the Flickr site.  If you need the link for friends sent, let me know.
I am learning that quite a few are reading the journal but no one posts any comments!!  That's not fair - I want to know what you are thinking too!!
By the way, being Novice RV'ers we now have over $1,600 into the brakes that the dealter assured us were in good shape.  We left it 3 extra days for them to do an "inspection".  According to Degel's - the money we spent today was the result of the brakes overheating so badly that the sensors were damaged, calipers were warped, rotors had to be turned, etc.  Midas (Back in Florida on 7/23) said the reason the brakes overheated was because the rear reseviours (whatever) were empty, dirty, and the lines were plugged with mud.  Now, if they were "Inspected" by the dealer -
THe moral of this story - don't believe a used RV dealer any more than the proverbial used car dealer.  Do you own inspection and service.  Or don't buy a used vehicle. :)
Keith has gone to one of his Double A meetings so I'm "home alone" for an hour or so.  Camping at the Ramada is getting boring.  We plan (or hope) to go see the Cahokia Mounds on Saturday.  They are Indian Burial Grounds.  We'll see if we make it there.  We are planning for April and the kids to join us.  I need to get a new picture of Elizabeth for this - she has grown so tall - it's hard to believe that she is as young as she is.
If you are interested here is the site:
So, until tomorrow :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I post comments!! Finally back online so I can do it again. Can't wait until you guys make it in our direction.