August 21, 2005

Utah to Caldwell, Idaho

No pictures tonight. I'm to tired to download them. I'll put them in Flickr in the morning. We left Ogden this morning at 10:15 - Keith keeps good records! Gas was $2.45 and we needed 44 gallons. I've got to keep my foot off of the gas on those "hills"! We about crawl up them - but coming down I have to downshift or ride the brakes - no happy medium for them.

Most of today was going thru mile after mile of the "Snake River Prairie" that was boring and flat. We caught a couple of short glimpses of the Salt Lake before we climbed another hill and rode for a hundred or so miles looking along the ridge that used to be the shoreline of the Bonneville Lake that once covered that whole area. We hit Idaho about noon and the scenery didn't change any. It had some really interesting spots and we are still traveling the Oregon Trail.

We think maybe we've changed our route. I don't think we are going clear to the Oregon/Washington line to drive along the Columbia. We've been looking into just cutting across the halfway point and going thru Bend. It will cut about 400 miles off which could possibly cut our gas bill greatly. Who says the cost of gas isn't effecting anyone yet? We will decide tomorrow when we get to the turn-off on I84.

After 329 miles, we got to Caldwell about 4:30, it was 99 degrees and found that not only isn't our sewer hose long enough, neither is our water hose. We were trying - not to effectively- to put out our front awning and the men setting up their campers behind us came over and showed us how. They got quite a great laugh out of watching us - but took pity anyhow. We haven't had the awning out since Charlestown because it is such a pain to do. So no we know how to do that also. The directions don't show the easy 123 steps. Those guys had the awning out in about 30 seconds - laughing the whole time. They said they would also be around in the morning to show us how to stow it again = NOVICES!! The couple next to us had an interesting story about what happens when you try to back up the trailer with the car still on it (I've had to do it several times at gas stations). His wheel just rolled off of the rim - he really had a mess. Maybe I'll try harder not to do that anymore :(

So anyhow, we decided to bite the bullet and find a WalMart. Walmart is air conditioned :) Got some other supplies and the gear we needed and got back here about 7:30. We just did McDonalds for dinner - so I put the pork chops in the crock pot and they will be ready tomorrow! One day at a time!!

Keith is sleeping and I'm tired to. . . More from Bend - God willing.


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Anonymous said...

So glad that you are having fun, learning new things and making miles. You might just make it in time for Taniyah walking. You missed the crawling. She did that for the first time Sat night!!