August 8, 2005

St. Louis - Monday

We made the move from Granite City KOA to Hazelwood Ramada Inn today. The RV is in for "service" before we make the longest portion of our trip. Keith is also working this week as a consultant on his old job. He got the RV in today instead of tomorrow, so there went my "plan" to kick back at the pool and do nothing. Instead I unhooked, packed, and got the "camp" broke down - If I'd known we wouldn't be there 24 hours I would've just plugged in the electric and called it good!!! So instead I packed clothing and stuff for a couple of days - and unpacked it again in the room!!

So we brought the thing into the shop to get the ABS brake idiot light fixed, then over to RecTec to get serviced (oil change, awning latch, broken lock, 2 new scratches cleaned up, etc.). They need to have it about 2 days. So looks like I'm "camping" in the hotel room for awhile. :)

I haven't gotten to do any sightseeing this trip to the St. Louis area either. Keith takes the car to work and I don't know my way around anyhow. Maybe this week-end!!!

More tomorrow!!

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